Karin Elizabeth fotografie | Lieve woorden
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I heart Kaat and her entire stream. Reasons are many and I could spend all day and best part of the next one numbering all of them, but what gets me the most is her creativity (and sweet personality), quirky humor, ability to express emotions through her pictures and catch my attention with thought provoking book reviews. Her work is a well rounded cocktail of everything that one might want : sweet on the eye, food for the brain and a little something for the soul as well.
You inspire me Kaat, both as a photographer and a person; here’s to many many more years of that!

Irena Hindy Photography

You, your photos, your blogs and ideas, they are all just wonderful.
You inspire me!

Tales from a creative soul

Ha Karin, ik vind mijn foto’s echt super goed gelukt! Me so proud! Echt een mooie afwerking…… Verschillende kanten van mij heb je heel goed laten zien!

Ode aan Rood sessie

Her work is damn great. So real and interesting, so inspiring, so beautiful. Ans [sic] she’s a really really nice woman. Cool photographer, yes. Keep checking her stuff so you won’t miss a piece of it. And look at her website – it’s so great!
Thanks for sharing!

Sophie Charlotte

the one aspect to karin’s photography that stands out the most is her honesty. this can be a rarity in the art world. karin doesn’t hold back. that is a genuine quality and is evident in her work.
visiting karin’s stream is a treat, a learning experience and one of my favorite stops of the day.


Veel succes gewenst met je fotografische talenten. Wij hebben bewondering voor jouw onzichtbaar aanwezig zijn, zoals bij onze receptie en de gezinsdag. Wij vinden dat heel knap en talentvol!

Familie J.
Familiesessie & Feestje!

This woman is so talented. her pics open a view into a wonderful, sensitive, yet sometimes hilarious world. it’s a pleasure to view her pics and take a walk through her sets…
this isn’t enough to describe how much i’m enjoying her work, her thoughts and also her attitude (as far as i can judge that). form yourself an opinion, you won’t regret your visits here!